Series & Film

"Mix It Up" [Working Title]:

IQ Network have teamed up with DJ Vadim to travel across the EU and explore the close relationship between food and music. Discovering and preparing some of the most diverse and delicious delicacies from across the world, whilst sharing the experience with a host of celebrity friends. Join the conversation in 2016.

 Production Begins: On Hold


"Two Sides; A Cleft Story" [Working Title]:

In proud association with CLAPA and Operation Smile; IQ Network Creative are delighted to bring you 'Two Sides: A Cleft Story'. This feature production will bring a fresh, innovative, and conceptual approach to documentary. Integrating scripted drama, interviews, real life stories, and statistical data - we will follow the immediate life challenges, interactions, and learnings of our lead protagonist Emily and the loved ones around her.

Utilising state of the art technology, professional medical support, and innovative filming - IQ Network Creative and partners aim to take our audience on an emotional journey of courage, strength, empathy, unconditional love and support.

Our sole aim for this film is to raise awareness to the cleft condition, increase the global reach and voice of relevant charities, whilst also educating through the medium of film in a new and engaging format.

Synopsis: This film will follow Emily and her family through their cleft journey; from diagnosis in early pregnancy, to birth and throughout her first year. Discussing and assessing the issues faced at each stage with experienced medical professionals, cleft charities in the UK and US, as well as a range of parents and families who have experienced their own cleft story.  We aim to follow Emily and her family on their emotional journey; from the shock of diagnosis, anxiety of the birth, adaptation to the task ahead, and finally through to the joy of successful treatments.

Following this we will move to follow Emily's life after year one... Here she will engage with other cleft children and young adults of various ages and backgrounds as she grows. At this point we aim to understand how living with a cleft condition can affect lives, and come to appreciate the social issues associated but often overlooked when discussing the condition. Again we will hear from multiple professionals in the fields; such as psychology, media, and education. Here our audience will come to appreciate that the process does not simply end at surgery, but must be managed and considered for many years after the first.

Production Begins: In Production


"Dying For Fitness" [Working Title]:

Dying for Fitness [Working Title] is an investigative short film documentary, which delves into the global health and fitness industry - currently valued worldwide at approximately $80 Billion. Within this study, we will focus on multiple sub-markets and cultures within the industry. Shedding light on  the Gym/Health Centre, Supplement (both legal and illegal), and Competitions markets.

These insights will be supported by interviews and in-depth investigation into the very real 

health risks those who mis-manage this lifestyle face - the drive which sometimes leads to cheating and pushing the body’s limits to the extreme - and the overall social impact of ‘fit being the new sexy’. At this point we will look at just how far people will go to meet their
aspirational desires. Studying how the now constant stream of doctored and airbrushed fitness images in the media and across social channels are affecting people’s self-esteem and psychological state. All of this will then feed into an insightful and illuminating conclusive look at the fitness industry as a whole, with some alarming but highly informative conclusions.
The aim of ‘Dying for Fitness’ [Working Title] is to bring about awareness of the magnitude, reach, and effects of the fitness industry on many. To show the effectiveness and true value to the consumer of the highly profitable supplements market. To take a close look at international fitness competitions and groups, and the sacrifices and risks some take to succeed. And most importantly the true impacts of chasing perfection...

Production Begins: On Hold