Creativity empowers marketing; Intelligence ensures success.

At IQ Network, we’ve always believed that creativity and intelligence work best when they go together hand-in-hand. 
Without data-led strategies and collaborative intelligence, campaigns don’t reach their target-audiences. Without a killer creative, even the most targeted content gets lost amongst the noise.
That’s why we’ve always taken a design-thinking approach with our creative, production, marketing and campaign work – to make sure that our unforgettable content hits its mark, every time.

The IQ Story

IQ Network is an international award winning boutique creative production house, and was formed by a team of media professionals with over three decades of industry experience. Sharing a passion for creativity and a belief in their ability to bring innovation and strategic thinking to the production market, the IQ team set about establishing themselves as a hub of innovative thinking. 
Now, after strengthening our existing relationships with some of Europe’s largest media buyers, agencies, and broadcasters – as well as building a portfolio of innovative and highly-successful content – IQ Network has launched a sister brand, IQ Films. 
With a strong focus on creative film making and the continued production of engaging, outside-the-box content, IQ Films was established to use innovative techniques to draw attention to issues and stories that too often go unnoticed. 

Small team, big ideas

As a boutique set-up, we’re a bit smaller than your average production house – but we believe that this is our strength. We’re made up of a group of seasoned industry professionals with a distributed network of top-class creative talent. This means that we are able to scale to suit the demands of every client, while keeping costs to a minimum. It also means that all of our team are intimately involved with every detail of every project, ensuring optimal levels of enthusiasm and a dedication to delivering above-and-beyond expectations. 


 End-to-end production

This combination of industry professionals and a widespread network of creative talent allows us to produce everything in-house, from innovative and engaging content to a comprehensive range of digital and design services. 
We’re fully equipped with multiple in-house production and digital development suites, a live broadcast television studio, a green screen studio, and a host of state-of-the-art technology which means that we are able consistently deliver the highest possible production standards for every client.

Our vision for our future  

Our mission has always been to ensure the success of our clients’ campaigns through a seamless combination of data-analysis, intelligence and unfettered creativity. That will never change – it’s part of our DNA.
But we’re not happy to rest on our laurels either. As a studio, we’re always looking for new opportunities to push the production market further.
Whether it’s through our philanthropic endeavours, such as producing innovative content for global charities, or through building relationships with the creative talent of the future by partnering with one of Europe’s premier media colleges, we’re committed to pushing ourselves to consistently produce content that is as effective as it is creative and ground-breaking.